Changing the Narrative about Custom Clothing in Nigeria – Abigail Israel Sits with Mauvelli

In an Exclusive with Mauvelli, Abigail Israel, Creative Director and Founder of Marble Stitches inspires with the story of how she runs her fashion brand, the challenges she’s encountered and her experience as a fashion-preneur.

Tell us a bit about you

I am Abigail Israel and I am the founder and Creative Director of Marble Stitches. I have an MBA in Production and Operations. I am passionate about creating digital solutions to cloth making. Reliability and convenience are a big deal to me when it comes to these solutions. My brand, Marble Stitches, began officially in 2017.

I like to say that I was born into a home of cloth makers. The name “Marble Stitches” is an adaptation of a fashion house that my mum used to own. It was called “Marble Home of Fashion

What did you set out to do different with Marble Stitches?

I was tired of the usual gist of “Nigerian Tailors always disappoint.” My major aim at the start was to change that narrative. I believe that Nigeria has developed too much for us to still experience drama when it comes to something as basic and important as clothing.

Did you get an MBA because of your fashion brand?

I got my Master of Business Administration (MBA) after I launched my brand. My parents are learned people and they did not want their daughter stopping at B.Sc. They wanted me to get an MSc but I was sure that I didn’t want to go into academia. So I chose an MBA instead because I knew it would contribute to the running of my business.

Read the full interview here, Mauvelli



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