Marble Stitches Sponsors Nigeria’s First Virtual Fashion Show

Africa is beautiful; a beautiful landscape, an enriched culture and a vibrant population. 

A huge part of what makes up our lifestyle is clothing, food, art, as well as every little thing you can find around actually. For our fashion, our colors and patterns are as bold and vibrant as the African landscape itself. However, it’s sad that when African stories are told, poverty takes the lead in the headlines. 

There are so many young people changing the world, right now, at this very moment that you are reading this. There is a generation of young Africans, who are changing the status quo, thinking without a box and breaking the rules in the world of agriculture, commerce, finance, tech, healthcare, and any other industry you can think of.  alteR then asks “should fashion be any different? Let’s break the rules. 

Marble Stitches as a major sponsor is inviting you to come and discover the Renaissance of African fashion spreading globally and resonating across the African diaspora. Discover the continent’s brilliance, creativity, uniqueness, and ingenuity. Marble Stitches is Pioneering and starting this revolution with the alteR on the 29th of December. Through the lens of fashion alteR is ready to take us to the colorful journey of African history, art and culture.

This is an event not to be missed. Come and witness a fashion show that you have never experienced before and get ready to discover unique clothing and accessories telling the story of Nigeria.

Register to be a part of the first season of alteR, virtually, via this link, here



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