Marble Stitches: Redefining Tailoring with Timely Deliveries and Global Reach

In Nigeria, the frustration of delayed deliveries from tailors is a shared experience, often joked about through memes cautioning against revealing your true deadlines. Recognizing this prevalent issue, Marble Stitches emerged in 2017, aiming to revolutionize the tailoring experience. We not only guarantee on-time deliveries in Nigeria but have extended our bespoke services globally, catering to Africans abroad seeking tailor-made outfits.

Addressing Delivery Woes:
Marble Stitches acknowledges the disappointment associated with unreliable delivery timelines. Our solution is simple – sit back, relax, and let us handle the rest. Through virtual measurements, we offer tailor-made clothing for men and women, ensuring a swift delivery within 3-7 days in Nigeria and 5-10 days in the UK. With a 99.2% on-time delivery rate over the last 6 years, we’ve consistently exceeded our clients’ expectations.

Diverse Product Line:
Our diverse product line includes intricately crafted agbada, elegant kaftans, women’s asoebi, and stylish casual wear for both men and women. Additionally, our made-to-order Ready-to-Wear (RTW) line features sustainable handmade apparel. If you’re in New York, explore our Asooke Totebags in person. Exciting news for our UK customers – we’ve recently expanded our operations to better serve you.

Innovations for You:
At Marble Stitches, we prioritize your satisfaction. Our recent innovation introduces a “save now, buy later” service, allowing you to set aside funds monthly for your future wardrobe needs. We’re committed to enhancing your clothing experience and ensuring that you not only receive quality garments but also enjoy a seamless and reliable service.

Meet the Team:
Our dedicated team comprises skilled tailors, efficient administrative staff, and a visionary board of directors. As the founder, I bring over a decade of expertise in cloth making, holding an MBA with specialization in production and operations management. Having participated in top accelerator programs in Nigeria and the UK, I assure you that when I say Marble Stitches has you covered, I mean it.

Experience the difference with Marble Stitches – where timely deliveries, global accessibility, and innovative services converge. Visit today or slide into our DMs to embark on a journey of tailored perfection. Your wardrobe upgrade starts here!



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